Advance Directives

You have the right to direct your medical and mental health treatment!


Two forms that could help you with this are available at NorthCare and at your local Community Mental Health Agency.


An advance directive is a legal document that states how you want medical and mental health decisions made if you are unable to participate in the decision-making process and to what extent care should be provided.


Free Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care form (for use in Michigan).


Consumers may also choose to complete the Plan for Difficult Times, or contact NorthCare to obtain a copy.


For additional information, read through the Peace of Mind pamphlet.


Free Advance Directives form and information available at MDHHS.


For more information on a Psychiatric Advance Directive, please visit



Health Care Decision-Making For a Resident In a Nursing Home


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 The Michigan Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, while part of state government, has a role defined in large part by the federal Older Americans Act.  Under the Act, the ombudsman program independently advocates for and with residents in long term care facilities, with the aim of improving residents' quality of care and quality of life.


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