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To Contact a NorthCare Staff Member Call:  1-888-333-8030


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NorthCare Customer Handbook –

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Language Assistance and Accommodations

If you are a person who is hearing impaired, you can utilize the Michigan Relay Center (MRC) to reach your PIHP, CMHSP or service provider. Please call 7-1-1 and ask MRC to connect you to the number you are trying to reach.


If you need a sign language interpreter, contact your local provider (phone numbers found in the Directory Links above) as soon as possible so that one will be made available. Sign language interpreters are available at no cost to you. Alternatives formats are available.


If you do not speak English, contact your local Provider (phone numbers found in the Directory Links above) so that arrangements can be made for an interpreter for you. Language interpreters are available at no cost to you.


Free oral language translation is available. If someone you know does not speak English and needs services, please encourage the individual to contact their local provider.


Nyt on mahdollisuus ilmaiseen suulliseen käännöspalveluun. Jos joku, jonka tunnette, ei puhu englantia ja tarvii palvelua, rohkaiskaa tätä henkilöä ottamaan yhteyttä paikalliseen palvelun tarjoajaan. Soitaa 1-888-333-8030.