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Clinical Practice Guidelines Manual

NorthCare Network adopts and disseminates practice guidelines for the provision of acute and chronic care services that are relevant to the targeted populations served by the network.

Clinical Practice Guidelines are published by NorthCare Network for the individuals and families served by the member CMHSPs and individuals who are served by substance use treatment providers (the Substance Use Treatment Practice Guideline is published separately).

The Practice Guidelines include the contract attachments to the Master Contract with MDCH focused on clinical practices. Other clinical guidelines may be developed by NorthCare Network based on the requirements outlined in federal standards that treatment practices "Are based on valid and reliable clinical evidence or a consensus of health care professionals in the particular field; consider the needs of the enrollees; are adopted in consultation with contracting health care professionals; and are reviewed and updated periodically as appropriate."

The manual provides an analytic framework for the evaluation and treatment of individuals receiving services. It organizes the body of knowledge, skills and information of key treatment practices being used in our region at this time.

The guidelines are organized in three chapters. A useful approach to the material is to read through the Table of Contents and review the specific topics listed and find your area of interest or need. Generally, starting with the overview for the section of interest is most helpful.

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